Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Vote For Me! Votame!

Mood: Elliot Smith is playing in my head, but I can't listen to music because my mom is sleeping on the couch.

Quote: "We are not hypocrites in our sleep" -William Hazlitt

Blog: After being denied the right to run for the so-called Ladie's President (apparently there is a requisite that one must be a lady, I happen to posses a Y chromosome), I have decided to run for Senior Vice President. So, vote for me! Or don't, but pretend like you did. I must admit however, that my secret desire, should I lose, is to be the Public Relations person. Primarily because I can say I'm the PR person, and who doesn't want to say that. So all of you in the land, vote for me!
All good things start with "D"

Yours Truly,
Drake Frost

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Of Nothing Worth Noting

Mood: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Of Notice: I promise because I have been slacking quotes that I will have a blog post dedicated to them at the end of the year.

Blog: I'm perturbed. I'm bothered. I'm infuriated. I'm angry. I'm any other synonym of angry, in any other language, you can come up with. I don't know where to begin so I won't. I don't know where I'd end, so I'm going to avoid it by not beginning. To summarize the situation, I'm so angry I've started writing poems, I haven't been in a solid poem writing mood since November, that's how angry I am. So here they are. The two poems I wrote for the day (they don't have anything to do with suicide or anything, so don't worry).

The Eye in the Night

The eye in the night is watching
Whispering words of dread
To all of the people to make them fear
The thought of leaving bed
The eye in the night is watching
Looking for a man to find
To whisper rights and wrongs
To make him lose his mind
The eye in the night is watching
Waiting for the sun to shine
Waiting for the men to to rise
To go out, to speak his lies
"The eye in the night is watchig
It told me about right and wrong
Chaos is freedom, unhappiness is bliss
How could you argue such a thing as this?"
The eye in the night is waiting
Waiting for man to be blind
The eye in the night is watching
Watching the free shackled in bonds
So remember the eye is watching
It is colorless and blind
So you it cannot find
Unless you seek it
And let it come inside.
Somewhere Not Found
When people are around
You're wishing they were not
Wishing you were in a place not found
Life is meant to live
Only they were someplace else
So quiet, they could give
The people still around
I'm wishing it were false
With quiet, silent laughter
Wishing all was not
If I could be two places
If I could wear two faces
I would be alone
Walking in a place not found
The other, in my home
Wishing they were gone
But wishing's all one can
Until wishing makes things true
I will find the courage
I will make the time
To take another stand
So there you go. The two poems for the day. Have a significantly more wonderful week and spring break.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

When Last We Left Off...

Mood:The Chillax Playlist (basically, a combination of the few quasi-folk artists that I listen to, however, that number is expanding). For a hint check out Iron & Wine, Wilco (The sky blue sky album) and this dude named Kalai with a little bit of Simon & Garfunkel.


When last we left off, our young hero was counting down the days until his seventeenth birthday, tired, but excited about life. He had just hooked up his record player, explaining his listening to Elliot Smith (the New Moon album), the sole record in his possession. When last we left off the young, strapping lad who wrote this blog still worked but was feeling the beginnings of the overwhelming that was to come. When last we left off, our young hero was still, for lack of a better word, a hero.
What did we miss in these three months since his disappearance from the cyberrealm? A significant amount, shocking, but when viewed with the realization of the hyper-time at which one's high school career occurs, it is really no suprise. We missed a little bit of love then falling thereof. We missed a birthday, which is, for many reasons incredibly important. We missed working and then a solemn vow of unemployment until the glorious free summer returned. We missed conversations about the most grand and important concepts and the more important conversations about the simple, unimportant, juvenile, and colorful. We missed words, sentences, paragraphs, essays, novels, volumes, series, encyclopedias of the knowledges, fears, braveries, feelings, guidances, philosophies, bravados, curse words, beautiful words, tears (just a few), smiles, frustrations and joys that our hero experienced.
In the last three months we have missed a significant amount about our hero. But, when one looks through the eternal, even temporal, view of what was really missed, it was nothing. A birthday? One of sixty more to come. Philosophy? Small by comparison of what has already been thought when last we had contact, but even more miniscule in what is yet to come. Tears? We have oceans more to pour. Smiles? Laughs? Barrels upon barrels to fill. Frustrations? Angers? We have only felt the beginnings. Happiness? Worlds to fill.
Then what truly have we missed? Time? Time is nothing more than a fleeting illusion, and odds are, if you're reading this it could be spent on something else, and if spent on something else, one would not be reading this. So do what you wish, after all, what are you using? Time? Time the perpetual river that we live in. We think it is important. We think others are wasting it, spending it wisely. After all, we tell ourselves, you can never gain a second back. But what is one second to trillions? Nothing. What is three months to the two hundred and seven that have been lived so far? Negligible, and based on most advanced math, negligible means basically infinite, or the answer you got. So do we really have to care about time? After all, time, wasted or used (productive wasting) ends up the same way, in a history book.
So have we really missed anything since we last left our hero who didn't know what it was like to be seventeen and only had one record to his collection? Not particularly, because now we are left with an older individual who doesn't know what tomorrow feels like with five records in his collection. When last we left our hero hadn't quite figured out the opposite sex, and upon returning we find that he still is completely confused. When last we left our hero he was how you looked at him, and upon returning we find that he is still a person, all depending on the angle.
When last we left our hero, we never really left him, he was still us.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lazy Post (My Argument Essay)

I'm really lazy so I'm forgoing everything (you'll have to look forward to a really awesome post in the near-future). However, listen to Elliot Smith because he's amazing (especially Miss Misery), and I got my record player working.

Without further ado (adu?) I give you my argument essay on arguing:

It all starts with a difference of opinion. Then, the paths slowly diverge, the opinion is not only different, but also right. Your opinion, after a short while, is not only right, but all opinions not in accordance with your own must be wrong. Then a passion to enlighten the uninformed or uninterested individual begins. This leads to the vocalization of one’s own opinion (which is most certainly correct). This vocalization is followed by argument, the most trivial pastime of man.
Argumentation is not only the expression of two differing opinions, but the hammering of those views into its opponent. Arguing with an individual is much like yelling at a boulder on the opposite side of a valley; nothing ever actually happens. You are intent on staying where you are and the boulder is not going to move in the foreseeable future. You can yell, scream, cry, deduce, research, and construct the perfect argument of why the boulder should come over to your side of the valley, but all that reaches the boulder’s ears is an unintelligible and irritating buzz. In my personal experience, you could in fact be right. The view might actually be better, the grass greener, and your side is safer from a landside that is hurtling itself down at break-neck speeds towards the boulder. However, the boulder likes its view, is comfortable with the hue of the grass around it, and is pending suicide by landslide.
Man enters all of his arguments with such preconceived ideas in which he has no intent of changing. In fact, in psychology, there are two phenomena called confirmation bias and belief bias. These phenomena are described as man’s tendency to search for information that confirms his preconceptions (confirmation bias) and his tendency for his personal beliefs to distort his logic (belief bias). It is in this mindset that we, as members of the species Homo Sapien, argue. We find illogical conclusions that support our own beliefs, which in turn, concrete them further. It is in this mindset that we watch presidential debates. We already know whom we are going to vote for, we just like the warm fuzzies that come from the self-verification of our preconceived ideas.
“If arguing is so pointless, then why did Martin Luther King Jr. help bring about equality for minorities in The United States?” you ask. I am not downplaying Mr. King’s significance in bringing about equality, far from it in fact. I admire Mr. King for his devotion to Civil Rights and peace. It is with this in mind that I tell you that King never succeeded in arguing his point; rather, he brought attention to the rampant inequality plaguing 1960’s America. Every individual in The United States already had an opinion of Civil Rights, it was just never brought to their attention that they had one. King did this with his large marches and televised speeches. Although many people in America (myself included) believe that Mr. King was a great man who brought about a much-needed change, I must say that he could never have argued the need for Civil Rights. A Klansmen from the Klu Klux Klan did (and still does) not agree with anything he did. They find his logic illogical and completely contradictory to his or her beliefs. Nearly forty years later, there are still Americans who have not changed their opinions about racial equality. These people, much like you and I on this very subject, are boulders unwilling to change. No amount of education or passion about the aforementioned topic will change their views.
It is for these reasons that I argue to you that arguing is pointless. Man never has, and most certainly never will, change his or her mind because of an argument. I am well aware that my argument will never change your mind, instead, it will bring to your attention that my point is either revolutionary or completely idiotic. I can yell, scream, or write countless essays arguing my point, but you, much like myself, will sit on your side of the valley with your preferred hue of grass enjoying the view.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hmmm (What Should Be Spoken About)

Mood: Wyclef Jean (I know, I've been listening to it for like a week straight, but I love it so much, Dollar Bill is the cap level of poeticness for being about a prostitute).

Quote: "2008 is the year to communicate."-My Dad still on a quest to find everything that could possibly rhyme with eight.

Countdown: 19 days until my birthday

New requirements for a girlfriend (or a serious woman relationship):

  1. No hahalols in text messages. That is correct, I invented a new word, hahalol. Hahalol-derived from the phrases haha and lol respectively. When one uses haha and lol near eachother or multiple times in message, most notably those found in intercellphone "text" messages.
  2. Has cool friends-Friends are important, and hating your heterosexual highschool partner's friends makes things difficult.

Blog: The year may be new, but sadly, school is not. My grades still suck (although they are getting significantly better). I still talk to most of the same people, and eat the same lunch. Its wonderful autonomy all over again. Aahhhh school is back in full force. Nothing like it. I'm actually eating three meals consistantly again. I just wish it were summer already.

I don't even know what to talk about next. School? Nah, that hasn't changed much. Hot girls I know? Nah, girls don't like me. At least I don't think they like me that way. Girls like me, I'm a major hottie, I try to be nice, and I fancy myself as a rather entertaining individual. I can't talk about a new episode of The Office because the writer's strike. But I can talk about...


Yes, Project Runway has started a new season, and although it has been going since December I just learned that it started recently. My sister was fortunate enough to turn it on and tape the ones we hadn't see that were showing in a marathon. I was very happy. I like the straight guy and the Iranian guy. Of the girls I like one named Kit. She's fun and happy and reminds me of a stereotypical Graywhale customer. That might be one of the reasons I like her. Anyways, I'm very excited. I've watched six hours of Project Runway in two days. The world, for that time, was perfect.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 (Oh Great)

Mood: Wyclef Jean (Carnival Vol. 2)


  • Dad: 2008 will be great.

  • Mom:What about 2009?

  • Dad:That'll be benign, but 2010 will be great again!

A conversation my mom told me about this morning

2007 was:

  1. The year I got my license.
  2. The year I got into my first accidents.
  3. Became an upper classman.
  4. Lost three friends.
  5. Had one friend move away.
  6. Made some more.
  7. Started a blog.
  8. Went to Bolivia.
  9. Stayed by myseslf away from home (those days in Miami and La Paz)
  10. Started a mutual fund.
  11. Took the ACT (got a 28)
  12. Took my first AP Test.
  13. Signed up and began my first AP classes.
  14. Went on a date.
  15. Did not get a girlfriend.

That is '07 in a nutshell. Of course you could read about half of it in this blog if you wanted.

Goals for 2008 (resolutions never happen):

  1. Keep a journal (I think I'm going to use part of my Border's gift card for this).
  2. Woo girls that meet the requirements I specified in December.
  3. Run for some student government position (Student Body President(?))
  4. Enjoy life.
  5. Get accepted into college, and feel good about where I'm going.

Blog: Christmas break is ending and school begins tomorrow. I find this rather depressing, I wish break could go for four more months and then we could start summer vacation. That however isn't going to happen so I did the homework due tomorrow. Fortunately, physiology isn't due til Friday and I'm done with all of my English assignments.

I can't believe everything that is going on. In a few months some of my friends go off to college, my ward is going to be strange when school starts this fall. I've made friends with some of the kids younger than me, but my friends when I moved here are all going away this year. First, it was my cousin and now he is on his mission (nearly a year out), then it was another person (who was once my friend), but now it is my closest friends. Especially my (if I put titles on my friends) best friend who has been basically adopted by my family. Its really saddening. I'm getting old, all the things I figured out when I was in 7th grade are starting to happen. Plans are frightening when they happen after being planned for so long. By the end of 2008 I'll know what college I'm going to attend in the fall, its nuts. I don't even know what my major is going to be (I know that sounds really trivial, but I like to think about trivial things), right now I'm thinking about Linguistics with a minor in Psychology. Of course, that'll probably change tomorrow. Everything is happening so fast.

Well, I best be getting off to bed, getting up for school tomorrow is going to be interesting.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

If I May

Mood: Wyclef Jean (Carnival 2: Memoirs of an Immagrant) and Fort Minor (Rising Tide)

Quote: "For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness."-Author Unkown

Countdown to my birthday: 24 days

My Dearest Friend,
Man is designed to care, our greatest feature, our most fatal flaw. We care, we cannot control it, but we care. You say you don't care about anything anymore (I have your blog open as I'm typing this), "[you] don't give a crap about anything anymore." Actually, you care about not caring. Do not let this become your passion. To put it into your own words, you give a crap about not giving a crap. Never let yourself become so focused, so caring, on not caring that you amputate yourself from the body that is mankind. A limb is meant to be attached ninety nine out of every one hundred instants. You, Friend, you are meant to be attached. I know what it is like to want to be away from people. You can read my thoughts on that throughout my blog, listen to your own advice, and let me say from experience, it is much better to be attached to the body the purposely amputated from it.
We are what we are. We can only do so much, which unfortunately, in the big picture is very little. Accept that. Let yourself do what little anyone in the world can do, then let the rest take care of itself. Let the uncontrollable things in life wash over and baptize you in their pain, sorrow, and joy. Let the uncontrollabe problems be just that, uncontrollabe. Treat them like the weather, adapt to the days demands and nothing more. Often times we treat our problems much the opposite. We attempt to change them, to tackle them by ourselves or with others. I say we should share them with our friends, or keep them to ourselves, do what little we can and feel them flow over us, let us be born again through them.
That is all we can do. Don't you understand? Tip the ball and hopes it falls the direction we want it to. The former statement still enlarges and exagerates the amount of control we have over our problems. All we can really do is pray for a weather change which may never happen, but we can only hope, and until our long awaited sunny day, we must dress for the weather.
My friend, your only flaw is caring to much.
Yours Truly,
Drake Frost